SATURDAY, May 23, 2015


The Flopeye Fish Festival is held on the Saturday of memorial weekend

2534 James Baker Blvd, Great Falls, SC 29055

off Highway 21 north of Great Falls at the Industrial park. 

This will be the 32nd anniversary of the festival and is sure to be a day enjoyed by all.  Festivities will begin at 9:45 am and go until 5:30 pm.  Admission is FREE.

If you’re curious as to where the name Flopeye Fish Festival originated, here is the story.  More than 85 years ago, one of the local merchants, Andy Morrison, would sit in front of his general store, having a hard time keeping his prominent eye lids from flopping over his eyes.  One of three ladies passing by, not having seen him before, blurted out who is that old flop-eyed man?  Several by-standers heard her and news traveled fast over the grapevine to the Republic Cotton Mills president, Mr. Rob Mebane.  Flopeye, a good name for that part of town, he said.  The name, then, was promoted by mill management and took hold.  People liked saying they had been to FLOPEYE.  And they still do..


Great Falls (located on the Catawba River) is a favorite fishing spot for many to visit.

 Catawaba River

The Flopeye Fish Festival brings about a community wide recreational highlight.  With a variety of food, fun and entertainment accompanied by the enthusiasm of a homecoming atmosphere, the festival attracts visitors from many states.  The event brings our citizens together and preserves the saying, After all, life is to enjoy.

Schedule of Events




For information you may contact

Chairman, Alex Walters  at 803-482-6029 or cell 803-379-9935 or by email at johnalexwalters@gmail.com

Co Chair, Kathy Hinson at 803-482-6029 or cell 803-519-8462 or by email at katherine_hinson916@hotmail.com

Co Chair, Todd Wright at 803-482-6029 or cell 803-209-4267 or by email at toddwright11@gmail.com

Car Show Information Contact Austin Hinson cell 803-209-4413 or email: austin_hinson@yahoo.com

Sallie Hudson at 803-482-6029 or by email at sallieh@truvista.net



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